MEANDERING #1:   8/15/2019

Warmest welcome to the Mindful Meanderings blog. My name is Amber, and as a faculty member of the UAMS Mindfulness Program, I will be managing this space. Our goals in this blog are to journey with you as together we explore mindfulness and meditation, to bring about a laugh or two, to introduce some thought-provoking related topics, to encourage gentle and kind self-reflection, and to inspire equanimity. This blog will be an eclectic mix of random thoughts, guest writers, book reviews, personal stories, and some other whims along the way. You will be guided by my voice, as well as the voices of various mindfulness practitioners winding similar paths. We ask for your graciousness, fellow traveler, as we stroll these posts along the meandering footpath. At times, we may stumble along this path, over hidden rocks in moments of vulnerability or from lack of knowledge. Please know that our compass is one of respect, compassion and acceptance, kindness, empathy, and on-going learning. If we veer off that gentle path, it is completely unintentional, not in any way paved with sticks-and-stones-that-break-bones, and we hope you will grant us forgiveness. We look forward to this adventure with you!